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A career management program for dedicated and passionate creatives looking to accelerate their careers in the Film & Television Industry.


Why “The Collective”?

  • We want you as a creative to work smarter, not harder. We aim to allow you the freedom to take the additional classes required to maintain your skills as a performer, based on what you want to achieve. 

  • Each Creative will receive a custom-designed schedule, based on their goals, areas of improvement, and where they are at in their career. It’s important to know what works for you and your needs, as everyone’s journey is different.

  • We will help design a training guideline that works for you. We will encourage you to still partake in your regular classes such as: movement training, acting classes, vocal lessons, voice-over, gym, pilates, meditation, entertainment life coaching, and more.

  • As a part of The Collective, you will be learning, training, and working alongside a group of like-minded, hard-working, and dedicated creatives.

  • You will take part in exclusive workshops with small class sizes, gaining access to industry professionals that very rarely offer classes.

  • We are not a pre-professional training program, we are a professional industry management community. 

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$300 plus GST monthly
Term 5 Sept-Dec 2024

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